Ruah Outreach Ministries is a prophetic prayer outreach group, whose kingdom assignment is to minister healing, deliverance and salvation through prophetic proclamations, decrees and intercession. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, our desire is to see lives "changed" as we reflect the love, power and authority of Jesus Christ. We understand the gospel “good news” can transform any situation and as a result, hopelessness translates to hope, sickness translates to healing and bondages translates to deliverance, once the breath of God, “RUAH”, is experienced (Ezekiel 37:9). We realize through partnerships with various ministries and organizations, we can extend our kingdom reach as we continue to make a difference in the lives of the people we come in contact with. Through scriptures, we understand the importance of working with others (Deuteronomy 32:30, Mark 6:7, & Luke 6-7)  and the greater impact we can make when there is agreement. We love that our ministry partners have committed themselves to see lives transformed by God's word; Bearing Oil Ministries Fellowship International in Atlanta, GA (Apostle Dr. Debbie Armstrong, Senior Pastor and Founder), Detour Radio in St. Louis, Missouri, (Rosalind Ferrell, CEO) and Love Covers Ministry (Evangelist Renee Warnell-Culver, Founder).

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